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My Call To Latvia

Dievs, Svētī Latviju!

Latvian for "God Bless Latvia"

Celebrating 14 wonderful years serving as
a ''Musicianary'' in Latvia & Beyond.

My Calling to Latvia & Eastern Europe 
It was in the summer of 2006, that the Lord started to speak to my heart about going to Eastern Europe. I was going through a season of transitions in ministry during that time. My musical ministry was moving more into a speaking/lecture ministry with the release of my book "Fearfully Wonderfully Made" ( My Christian Journey with ADHD). I was also doing a lot of guest preaching across the nation while the musical part that was so central for years was now playing a supportive role to this new venture.
I also kept wondering if Eastern Europe had a role in this new season I was entering. Well the Lord made it loud and clear about Eastern Europe in December of 2007. After a series of chains of events that took place in New York City, I was introduced to the wonderful people of Son Network formerly known as East European Mission Network. (EEMN)

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SON Network
SON is an international network that connects North American believers with ministries in former communist and Soviet bloc nations in Central and Eastern Europe including the Baltic States, the Balkans, and Ethiopia. SON Network is currently serving in Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Ethiopia.

SON Network is Connecting Spiritual Orphans to the Global Family of Christ.

We do this by building relationships through Christian missions that Engage, Reclaim, and Transform lives in Christ!
ENGAGE: Engage and connect people with God’s Word
RECLAIM: Come alongside spiritual orphans living in former and current communist
  nations to Reclaim their identity in Christ
TRANSFORM: Walk with spiritual orphans from their first encounter with the Gospel to
  a life Transformed in Chris


How I serve Latvia and Beyond

Striķi School

In 2001, Striķi Public School became the first introduction to Jesus Christ and Christianity to a new generation of children. The school director, Daina Zandberga has a deep desire that the children would at least know about Jesus Christ by offering Christian education and morning devotions.

Daina grew up under the Soviet occupation in the country (1945 to 1991). During the Soviet years, many historical churches were destroyed or closed and many Christians lost their lives. Atheism was the prevalent idealism for the Soviet Union and was taught throughout the schools.
SON Network and I have developed a very close working relationship with Daina and Striķi School since November of 2010. By leading morning devotions and teaching Christian education classes I work among both teachers and students. I continue to find new ways I can reach the next generation for Jesus.

St Gregors Education Center in Saldus, Latvia
St.Gregor's Education Center is a meeting place for missionaries, Pastors and Lay leaders from all around the world, established for people to be called, trained and sent out into ministry "to the ends of the earth". We are also a retreat and conference center for various Christian events.

I have the honor to live and work alongside the wonderful staff at St Gregors were I have conducted Bible studies and given lectures, preach and lead worship. I serve more in a pastoral role when needed. 

Broceni Church In Broceni, Latvia

After the fall of the Soviet Union, believers in the quiet town of Broceni came together for worship and Bible study in August of 1992. Out of that home Bible study was birthed Broceni Church. I have been asked to come and help and be a apart of this body of believers after their Pastor left. Since 2016, I have been offering Spiritual support by way of preaching and serving on the leadership team. I have been blessed to both serve and be apart of this wonderful group of believers who are so supportive of my ministry here in Latvia.

SON Missions
As a traveling "Musicianary" on behalf of SONetwork, my role is to offer pastoral support and serve as a worship leader for our SON English Bible Camps, SON Life and Adventure Camps, SON Regional Learning Center which is hosted in Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Albania, and Ukraine.

Speaking & Singing Engagements World Wide
The Lord has opened up new doors of ministry engagements for me to preach and sing at numerous churches, lectures, and Christian conferences internationally. I'm amazed in the places the Lord has led me so far including touring throughout North America, West & Eastern Europe, the Middle East & Aisa. I look forward to seeing what other doors will open in the coming years.

A "Dad" for Kristaps, Liga, and Markuss
" A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families" Psalm 68:5-6a:
What a difference unconditional love can make to a hurting family that was dealing with the death of two beloved grandparents while trying to rebuild their lives after the end of an abusive marriage.
As the Lord placed me within this host family since December of 2010, I have seen so many positive changes in Kristaps, Līga, and their mom Maija.
In February of 2014, "the unexpected surprise child" Markuss, came into my life making me now the father of 3. To all the people in both the schools and community, I have become known as Kris, Liga & Mark's "dad" an honor and privilege I never expected. In October of 2020, Krists came along as my Latvian kid brother.

Would you partner with me

After being a full time touring artist for over 30 years, it has been different to be at the same place every day investing in the lives of the kids and their families in Striķi and Saldus. The one thing I always missed out when traveling on the road, is not seeing the fruit that the Lord may have brought forth from my ministry event.

Since moving to Latvia in November of 2010, I have been excited to see the Lord move among the hearts of the kids and their families and see positive changes take place. It is almost like being a farmer who plants in a field and now waits for the harvest.

Would you prayerfully consider being a mission partner with me? As with any missionary ministry, it does take funding. I must at least raise $850.00 per month the minimum required by the Latvian government to stay in the country.
Any love offering of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100.00, or $1,000 per month or as a one-time gift really does make a difference to the lives of the children and the families we are reaching here in Saldus, Striķi Latvia and beyond.

If you feel lead to give a one time gift or would like to give monthly, you may send your tax-deductible gift payable to:

GentleWind Ministries International
PO Box 44601
Indianapolis, IN 46244

You may also make an online donation to GentleWind Ministries International through our partners at PayPal or

We are listed on for transparency
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All donation & love gifts given are tax deductible.

GentleWind Ministries International is a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit religious organization .

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