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Ministry Events for 2024

January Dates

13. Speak to Youth with Pastor Raj in India. Zoom Conference

14. Broceni Baptist Church. Broceni, LV

20. Speak to Pastors with Pastor Joesph, Tuni, Indian, Zoom Conference

21. St Gregors Youth Group, Saldus, LV

28.Broceni Baptist Church, Broceni, LV

February Dates

1. St Gregors Education Center, Lead worship, Saldus, LV

4. Broceni Baptist Church, Broceni, LV

11. St Gregors Youth Group, Saldus, LV

15. Recording studio season with Gatis Ozlas

16. Zoom Conference with Students for Christ. Pakistan.

18. Broceni Baptist Church, Broceni, LV


March Dates

1-8 Mission Trip to The Gambia, West Africa.



April Dates






May Dates



Summer outreach with

English Bible Camps (EBC-Children) & Life and Adventure Camps (LAC-Teens and Young adults)

June Dates




July Dates




​August Dates                                                                             

Now Booking for ''The Life-Changing Adventure'' USA Tour

August 11-November 10, 2024




August Dates

September Dates




October Dates



November Dates

December Dates

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