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Prostate Cancer Updates

​We have raised $11,582.83!!!! Praise God!!!!! We not only reached our goal of $10,000 but even have $1,582.83 extra which is good to have in case there are other expenses needed for treatment. Thank you to everyone who prayed and gave to this cause. God Bless You!!!! Love your 'musicianary', dmc

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Prostate Cancer Updates

December 14, 2022

Upon my return to Latvia, my daughter Liga and I had an appointment with an oncologist who looked over the biopsy report. She highly recommended surgery. Unknown to me, my cancer is aggressive the Gleason number at 7.



A score of 7 suggests an intermediate risk for aggressive cancer. Scoring 7 means that the primary score (largest section of the tumor) scored a 3 or 4. Tumors with a primary score of 3 and a secondary score of 4 have a fairly good outlook, whereas cancers with a primary Gleason Score of 4 and a secondary score of 3, are more likely to grow and spread. Mine is the 4+3 score.

Radiation and laser, as well as chemo, were not an option due to the cost ($500.00 per month) and the terrible side effects that would follow.


Laparoscopic prostatectomy surgery in Latvia would cost $3,000.00. In America, the cost range is $25,000 to $58,000 without health insurance.

I will admit the idea of surgery and the removal of my prostate has taken a toll on me emotionally. My life will change dramatically. But while on this past USA tour, I met many men who had the surgery and were encouraging to me. This will be a new challenge to face as I fight this cancer. So please keep me in your prayers that we find the right surgeon and for the recovery period. 


David Michael Carrillo

August 9, 2022

This past July after a series of tests it was discovered that I have the beginning stages of prostate cancer.

Apparently, prostate cancer runs in my family. My father and two uncles receive treatment and have been cancer free.

I currently live in the country of Latvia as a missionary. I do not have health insurance and to even try to get treatment in the United States would be enormously expensive without any insurance.

I instead get the treatment here in Latvia so I can be close to my family and friends. Latvia does have the latest advancements in prostate cancer treatment. I decided to start treatment in November after my United States ministry tour. In November I would go through different consultations to see what the best treatment option would be for me.


David Michael Carrillo

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